Simplify everything with our new wallet management system

Sequel’s wallet management system integrates with all of the most popular wallets so that you can use them just like you normally would - all in one place, with full control and visibility across all of them at once.
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Stop juggling a dozen different
browser extensions & apps

Managing your money is hard enough without having your assets fractured across many different apps, extensions, and platforms. Pull everything together into one consolidated view with Sequel.

Visibility across all wallets

With our unique cross-wallet UX, get instant visibility into all of your assets - no chain and account switching required.

Exchange account integration

Link your exchange accounts such as Coinbase and Kraken for instant clarity and control over deployed funds.

Any asset from any wallet

Our cross-wallet UX puts all of your assets at your fingertips - no matter which wallet and address you used.

Full Wallet Functionality

All of the core functionality you need – without any of the fluff.

A command center for
all of your wallets.

Forget logging into multiple wallets across chrome extensions and apps. Leverage our our easy to manage dashboard to easily use them all.

Don't worry, they're all still in your control and accessible only to you.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

No more switching between
apps and addresses

Traditional wallets lock you into viewing a specific address on a specific protocol at a time. Sequel gives you cross-cutting visibility and control into every wallet, every address, every asset you own - all at a single glance.

Simplify your wallets for free.

No credit card required.