Never lose your crypto keys again.

Social key recovery enables you to leverage a trusted network of family, friends, and trusted contacts to recover access to your assets without giving them access to the wealth.
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Ditch the thumb drive and leverage your own social network to secure your assets

All while never giving up custody or control to anyone involved. That’s the power of Sequel’s Social Key Recovery process – empowering our users to use people they already trust so that they can never be at risk of losing their keys again.

You choose your
own guardians

No one should force you into having to trust a specific guardian, custodian, regulator, or anyone else. Sequel puts you in control of choosing who you trust to secure your wealth.

No sensitive data
leaked to contacts

Sequel’s social recovery process enables you to recover your assets without giving anyone access to them at any point.

Just one guardian is
enough to recover

When you’ve lost access to your assets, you just want someone, anyone to help you recover what was lost. Our social recovery flow was built such that even just one guardian is enough!

Chain-agnostic and
recovers all wallets

Other providers that claim social recovery only work with their specific wallet on a specific chain. Sequel’s solution is chain-agnostic and can recover all of your Sequel-secured wallets.

Your assets. Your choice.

When it comes to your assets, you can’t afford to be risky. Sequel’s social key recovery mechanism was designed to ensure that you never lose access to your wealth, and guarantees that you get to choose those you trust to help you recover that wealth if you ever lost access to it.
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As simple as a password

Your guardians don’t need to store cryptographic keys, complex passphrases, or even specialized hardware to ensure that they can recover your assets.

All they need is their master password, and our OPAQUE cryptography does the rest.

All of your wallets,
on all of our chains.

Sequel’s social recovery process works for all of your wallets on any of the chains we deeply integrate with (and it works with others we don’t directly integrate with, too)
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Peace of mind for only $0.

Ensure that you can always recover your assets - no credit card required.