Designed, tested,
& audited by cryptographers

Security is not just a feature - it’s our foundation.

Sequel uses cutting-edge encryption technology to expertly balance security & usability so that anyone, anywhere, can securely manage their crypto assets.
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Defense in-depth at every layer

From traditional security tools to modern, cutting-edge cryptographic techniques, Sequel uses multiple layers of defense to ensure that your data remains yours - and only yours.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enabled by default, Sequel requires all users to use multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized account access.

Client-Side Cryptography

Designed to be secure even from ourselves, Sequel uses a distributed cryptography model so that no highly sensitive data is accessible to Sequel.

Keeping things OPAQUE

Sequel leverages a cryptographic process called OPAQUE that provides many superior security properties over other technical choices.

Choose Your Own Guardians

Secure your assets and ensure they can be recovered and inherited through leveraging our patent-pending social recovery process.

Protect your assets by
keeping them OPAQUE

Our implementation of the OPAQUE protocol gives us a number of strong, unique security benefits that other approaches simply can’t such as

- Your password never leaves your device
- Oblivious pseudorandom functions ensures that user secrets are always hidden from Sequel, even during registration
- Proven to be resilient against pre-computation attacks
- Perfect forward secrecy
- Protection from nonce leakage
- Safe against active and passive Man-in-the-Middle attacks
- Protection against user enumeration attacks
- Protects against replay attacks

...and many more
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Secure MFA by default

Sequel enforces strong security measures by default, and requires all users to set up secure multi-factor authentication for every account on the platform.

Designed & Audited By Cossack Labs

Sequel worked alongside professional cryptographers at Cossack Labs to design, test, and review the capabilities that Sequel provides.

You can rest easy knowing that leading security experts were involved with Sequel’s design and implementation from the beginning and are involved in regular, ongoing security analysis and audits of both the software and infrastructure that powers Sequel.
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Sequel is free - security included.

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. No credit card required.