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Additional fees for trading, Social Key Recovery, and Estate Planning
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A crypto management platform built for groups...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our crypto-native team is available to chat whenever you are. Here are some of the most asked questions...
How much is Sequel to use?
Sequel is FREE and all features in the app are free to use as well (for now).

There are fees on swaps, which are listed in the quote before executing a trade.

There are executor fees associated with inheritance listed in the app.
How much are fees for swaps?
There are fees associated with trades listed in the quotes during a trade.

In general, swaps are built to take 50 basis points (0.5%) on a swap.
What is the difference between individuals and groups?
Our free platform is for individuals.

Groups like investment funds, legal teams, and companies can buy a custom version of sequel built for them.
How much is estate planning and inheritance?
Currently it is free to get started!
How does billing work?
Right now there is no charge for individuals - it is free.
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