Sequel Product Features

Powered by our OPAQUE vault system, Sequel was purpose-built to maximize your security while providing unparalleled simplicity for managing crypto assets in an experience that's second-to-none.
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All-in-one portfolio management

Core self-custody tools for managing your entire wealth lifecycle.

Cryptographic Security

Designed, tested, and audited by professional cryptographers, Sequel uses cutting-edge encryption technology to expertly balance security and usability for anyone to manage their cryptocurrency assets.

Wallet Management System

Simplify everything through our flexible, industry-first wallet management system that lets you gain instant visibility into and control of any number of wallets at any time.

Social Key Recovery

Connect with your most trusted contacts on Sequel to ensure that you never lose access to your wealth, and guarantees that you, and only you, get to choose those who you are required to trust.

Estate Planning & Inheritance

All the tools you need for a crypto estate plan to enable the inheritance of your assets. What good is generational wealth if you can’t ensure the wealth you’ve generated makes it into the right hands?
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More Sequel Finance Features

Your Crypto Command Center

No need to check multiple apps and websites to manage your crypto portfolio, we have it all here.

News & Community

A social network and curated news, so you’re always one step ahead of the financial markets.

Crypto Prices & Portfolio Tracking

Keeping your edge in the market requires keeping up with the markets and assets you care about. Leverage our integrated watchlist for keeping up-to-date with almost 15,000 different assets, and let our portfolio tracking functionality keep you informed of your performance across all of the chains and assets you hold.

Decentralized Trading

All of the functionality, without any of the custody risk. Avoid the next exchange meltdown and enjoy our integrated decentralized cross-chain swaps and trade freely across a number of blockchains, all from directly within Sequel.


Curated dApps from the Sequel team and your social network
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From Vitalik Buterin

"To me, the goal of crypto was never to remove the need for all trust. Rather, the goal of crypto is to give people access to cryptographic and economic building blocks that give people more choice in whom to trust, and furthermore allow people to build more constrained forms of trust: giving someone the power to do some things on your behalf without giving them the power to do everything.”

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