Generational wealth means nothing if lost

What happens to the assets you’ve worked so hard to acquire if something were to happen to you? Would your family be able to access that wealth, or would it be likely to be lost? Even if they had your wallets, would they know what to do with it?

With Sequel’s estate planning & inheritance capabilities - they won’t have to.
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Pass it on after you're gone

Sequel’s estate planning and inheritance features ensure that while no one ever has access to your wallets and assets while you’re alive, your beneficiaries are able to recover that wealth you worked so hard to build after you’re gone.

Choose beneficiaries & asset distribution

Designate beneficiaries directly within Sequel and specify the assets and amounts and percentages that you wish to go to each.

Secured by your Guardians

Even with a notarized death certificate, the inheritance offboarding process requires the participation of your guardians to begin the recovery.

Legally compliant and flexible

Sequel worked with legal partners to design an offboarding process that can work with the legal requirements of nearly all jurisdictions.

Proof of death required

Sequel requires both a notarized death certificate to begin the offboarding process, and the cooperation of your guardians.

No crypto knowledge required

Your beneficiaries don’t need to know anything about crypto or blockchain in order to use and benefit from the protection that Sequel provides. Toss out the notebook full of instructions and let Sequel give your family the peace of mind they deserve.
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Protect your family by protecting your assets

Assets secured by Sequel during a catastrophic event will all be recoverable and inheritable by those you love the most.

Protect your family by securing your assets with Sequel.

Legally compliant and
technically secure

Sequel’s offboarding process was built to ensure that your assets are safe and sound, both from a technical and legal perspective. We’ve ensured that the inheritance process is highly flexible and accommodating to work in conjunction with the legal frameworks for as many jurisdictions as possible.
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