Deploy trustless wallets without sacrificing security

Sequel's Vault SDK is a white-labeled security solution to create, manage, recover, and wallets at scale.
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"Our development time took roughly 25 minutes
from SDK delivery to implementation" - CoinBot Team


CoinBot Case Study

CoinBot quickly delivered their users an audited, trustless, end-to-end encrypted wallet infrastructure.


Coinbot is a chatbot wallet platform that provides the ability to perform multichain asset swaps directly from the comfort of a user's preferred chat client, primarily Telegram.  All major chatbot products as of implementation are custodial.


Coinbot was able to leverage Sequel's OPAQUE Vault SDK to deliver a trustless, end-to-end encrypted protocol custom-built for securing and recovering digital wallets. From SDK delivery to core implementation required only 1.1 hours of development time, including the migration path from custodial to non-custodial wallet infrastructure. CoinBot was able to rest easy knowing that their embedded wallet infrastructure removed both technical and operational risk from their business


1. The only major self-custody bot platform: Custodial platforms incur high business risk, invite regulatory scrutiny about money transmission, and put user assets at risk for marginal improvements in UX.
2. Massive reduction in business risk: Outside of specialized operations that focus on custodial solutions, companies without such expertise are assuming very high-levels of business risk, and putting their users at risk too.
3. Regulatory Shield: Through deployment of a non-custodial wallet architecture, CoinBot ensures they are not a broker, that they do not and can not control user funds, and that they cannot move customer assets.

Use our developer-friendly SDK to create and manage millions of secrets

Sequel's self-custody stack brings you the tools you need to enable anyone to own their experiences with confidence, all secured with our audited, trustless secrets management protocol.

Go ahead take it for a test drive - no credit card required.
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Protect operations against internal collusion and attackers

Your users deserve better than to have their wealth at the mercy of another FTX situation. Protect your users from accidents, targeted attacks, and insecure key management solutions with Sequel.

Empower your users to fully-own their experiences by building on top of our dedicated, battle-tested, end-to-end encrypted key management infrastructure built to stay secure - even from us.

Enable users to connect to DeFi and Web3 directly from your application

With our social key recovery, your keys and assets are safe with you and guarded by those who you trust the most.
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Dashboard mockup

We felt that Sequel's technology - the enterprise grade multi party computation wallet and security - provided a solution that met the bank's needs.

Michael Moneybags, Chief Innovation Officer, National Bank

The crypto wallet manager that works for you.

Sequel enables you to track over 15,000 assets and is adding new chain integrations every day - all without installing dozens of different browser extensions, mobile apps, or requiring a hardware device that's easily lost, stolen, or forgotten.
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